Anahit Penesyan

Dr. Anahit (Ani) Penesyan received a PhD in Microbiology from the University of New South Wales (Australia). She is currently a Research Fellow at the School of Natural Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia. Dr Penesyan uses state-of-the-art multi-omics tools to unravel microbial interactions, microbial evolution and adaptation in biofilms, as well as to uncover mechanisms of antimicrobial resilience. The overarching aim of her work is to understand the complex biofilm biology and develop novel strategies to construct and utilize beneficial biofilms, as well as to control unwanted biofilm formation. In recent years Dr Penesyan has published influential articles on biofilm biology, evolution and antimicrobial resilience. She currently leads biofilm research at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology which involves collaborators from nine universities, industry and government representatives.

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