Cuijie Feng

Dr. Cuijie Feng is currently an Associate Professor at School of Civil Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University. Her work concentrates on conventional/emerging contaminants degradation based on bioelectrical or granular sludge techniques, and resource recovery from wastewater. Dr. Cuijie Feng obtained her PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013. Since then she continued her research as an assistant professor in Prof. Chang-Ping Yu’s group. Subsequent post-doc research during years 2015-2017 was dedicated into microbial ecology study in wastewater treatment systems (anaerobic digester, aerobic granular sludge) at Delft University of Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht and Prof. Jule van Lier. In 2016, she was honored by 2016 Polimi International Fellowships. Since then she has devoted her research to biopolymers extracted from waste activated sludge and potential industrial application. She has co-authored nearly 30 publications in Water Research, Chemical Engineering Journal, Bioresource Technology, etc. The h-index is 15. Also, two patents were authorized. Due to her excellent work, Dr. Feng was invited as a reviewer for several journals.

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