Yue Qu

Adjunct Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia.
Dr. Qu had obtained Bachelor in Surgery (Ophthalmology and Optometry) in 2000 from Wenzhou Medical University, China and M.S. in Clinical Microbiology in 2005 from RMIT University, Australia. He had obtained Ph.D. in Clinical Microbiology in 2010 from RMIT University and Melbourne University, Australia. Dr. Qu is currently the director of Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institutes-Wenzhou Medical University (China) and Alliance in Clinical and Experimental Biomedicine.
Major Research Expertise:
Microbial biofilms and biofilm related infections, Antimicrobial susceptibility testing, developing anti-infective surfaces and novel antimicrobial agents, etc.
1.In vitro study of biofilm formation on new HVAD driveline
Qu, Y., McGiffin, D., Peleg, A. & Thissen, H.
27/08/20 – 27/08/21
2.An On Demand Bactericidal Surface to Halt Medical Device Biofouling
Locock, K. E. S., Cass, P., Qu, Y. & Gunatillake, T.
20/11/17 – 19/11/20
3.Surface modifications prevent driveline infection
Qu, Y., McGiffin, D., Thissen, H., Forsythe, J. & Meagher, L.
1/10/16 – 1/06/17
4.Design and fabrication of molecular machines: the nanomachines of the future
Lithgow, T., Leyton, D. L., Qu, Y. & Shen, H.
Australian Research Council (ARC)
1/07/11 – 30/04/15
5.Develop medical surfaces that resist attachment of organisms and establishment of biofilms
Peleg, A., Traven, A., Locock, K. E. S. & Qu, Y.
1/10/15 – 30/09/16
Funding: Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution, AUD46,400.00
1.Qu, Y., McGiffin, D., Kure, C., Ozcelik, B., Fraser, J., Thissen, H., & Peleg, A. Y. (2020). Biofilm formation and migration on ventricular assist device drivelines. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 159(2), 491-502.e2.
2.Qu, Y., Li, Y., Cameron, D. R., Easton, C. D., Zhu, X., Zhu, M., Salwiczek, M., Muir, B. W., Thissen, H., Daley, A., Forsythe, J. S., Peleg, A. Y., & Lithgow, T. (2020). Hyperosmotic Infusion and Oxidized Surfaces Are Essential for Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus capitis From the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11, [920].
3.Fenati, R. A., Locock, K., Qu, Y., & Ellis, A. V. (2019). Oxacillin Coupled G-Quadruplexes as a Novel Biofilm-Specific Antibiotic for Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2(7), 3002-3008.
4.Wu, X., Zhang, S., Xu, X., Shen, L., Xu, B., Qu, W., Zhuang, W., Locock, K., Deighton, M., & Qu, Y. (2019). RAFT-Derived Polymethacrylates as a Superior Treatment for Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis by Targeting Biotic Biofilms and Persister Cells. Frontiers in Microbiology, 10, [2592].
5.Xu, B., Qu, Y., & Deighton, M. A. (2019). Should we absolutely reject the hypothesis that epithelium-based Candida biofilms contribute to the pathogenesis of human vulvovaginal candidiasis? American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 221(4), 372-373.
6.Xu, B., Liu, C., Qian, L., Qu, Y., Su, W., Xu, J., & Zhao, J. (2019). Statistical modelling outcome of in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: A single centre study. Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening, 22(4), 225-231.

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